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      " Do this in Memory of Me"

      Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior left us a legacy, to love and to serve; to love and to share. "By this all will know that you are my disciples" He says. We, the community of Saint Matthew, invite you to come and help us live this legacy.

      Come open scriptures with us,
      Come break the bread with us,
      Come open scriptures with us,
                                          Come let us mourn with you,
                                           Come experience the challenge of life with us,
                                        Come share your joy with us,
                                        Come and share your smile with us,
                                         Come let us thank the Lord together,
                                       Come and be a witness,
                                       Come, let us be His Disciples.
                                       Welcome to Saint Matthew Catholic Church.

    • Parish News

                                   Great News for our                            

                                                    St. Matthews Community
      St. Matthew has been registered with the Kroger Community Rewards Program and because we are so special we have two numbers, you can only use one and it doesn’t matter if you shop once or do all your shopping at Kroger. 

      The web address is www.krogercommunityrewards.com
      Our first number is for ST. MATTHEW CATHOLIC CHURCH BTM FUND 77584
      You will first type in 77584 and search for
      Our second number is for St. Vincent de Paul/St. Matthew Conference 18336, again you will type in 18336 this time and search for St. Vincent de Paul/St. Matthew Conference.
      If you want to participate and do not have a Kroger Rewards card you can receive them at the stores or you can come in the office and we will give you one while supplies last. Again it cost you nothing and it won’t interrupt you gas discounts or coupons.
      May this Bless our community in many ways.

       The parish email address has changed. Send all correspondence to our new email: stmatthew@saintmatthewcc.org.


      El correo electrónico de la parroquia ha cambiado. Favor de mandar toda correspondencia a nuestro nuevo correo: stmatthew@saintmatthewcc.org.




      Click on the logo for Online Giving

      2nd Collection:
      September 28, 2014
      Archdiocesan St. Vincent de Paul

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    • Mass Times

      Mass Times/Horario de Misas

      Mass/Misa: 12pm

      Communion Service: 6:30pm
      Servicio de Comunión

      Confessions/Confeciones: 6pm
      Mass/Misa: 7pm

      Mass/Misa: 9am

      Mass/Misa: 9am

      Confessions/Confeciones: 4pm
      Vigil Mass/Misa Vigilia: 5pm

        8:30 AM
      10:30 AM
        1:00 PM (Español)


      Saturday/Sabado  4:00PM-4:45PM
      Wednesday/ Miercoles 6:00PM - 6:45PM

      Office Hours:
      Monday-Friday 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM

      Closed on Saturday and Sunday


    • RCIA - Christian Initiation

      The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, RCIA for short, is a process within parish life designed to welcome new members into the Church and/or to open every Catholic parishioner to deeper belief and renewal of his or her Christian faith. But genuine openness takes time.  Accepting Jesus’ way of life demands a conversion of heart, a turning away from self-centeredness to selflessness – not just once, but many times throughout our lives.

      If you are interested in learning more about the catholic faith please contact the office.
    • Have a Question or Need
      Call the office at 770-867-4876 for information on Sacramental Needs. If you would like to book  a mass intention please come by the office.
    • Sacramental Emergencies

      In case of a Sacramental Emergency or Death please call 770-862-2007.

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